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Facts and Figures

Development of Visitors Numbers from 2012 – 2016

Countries of Origin Of Hapimag Members (2016)

Composition Of The Invoiced Turnover (2016)

Residential Units By The End Of 2016

Amount Of Shareholder And Members As Well As Timesharing Products (2014 – 2016)

Asset Value* Per Share in Euro

  • 2014: 1.959 Euro
  • 2015: 1.957 Euro
  • 2016: 1.956 Euro

* The Asset value describes the amount of money of economic funds devided by the amount of shares

More information can be found in Hapimag´s annual report 2016

About Hapimag, Hapimag Shares and Hapimag Holiday Resorts

Anyone who invests in shares on the stock market generally does so on the basis of an expected dividend. Instead of investing in a costly holiday home or holiday apartment with the same holiday destination and the same neighbors, Hapimag offers you a solid alternative to over 60 locations in over 17 countries without having to "tie" to one place.

The Swiss company Hapimag (Hotel- und Apartmenthaus Immobilien AG) was founded in 1963 and, with more than 1,400 employees and more than 116,000 shareholders, the company is currently one of the largest providers of timesharing rights. Shareholders finance holiday resorts and a very sophisticated infrastructure in Europe, North Africa and the USA. Instead of a "dividend", they receive temporary residence points (which can also be used by third parties) that can be used up individually in the Hapimag resorts.

Whether you want to conquer a big city, prefer a summer holiday by the sea, or enjoy a skiing holiday in winter snowy mountains, the Hapimag holiday resorts are all centrally located and known for short distances. There is something for every vacationer - whether you are looking for relaxation or prefer sports and fun, get to know the country and people or if you just want to pursue your hobbies with the family.

With Hapimag you will find and maintain the spaciousness of a holiday apartment and its cosiness - as well as the amenities of a hotel combined with a wellness area, restaurant and service in only one product. And all that together with Swiss quality! Compared to an own holiday apartment, you don´t have to worry about nothing and can just relax and enjoy. Mini and maxi clubs for children and adolescents complete the offer and ensure that Hapimag contributes to the relaxation and well-being of the whole family. Depending on the location, Hapimag resorts offers its members a broad selection of one-, two- and three-room apartments of different housing categories. Please learn about the number of residential points required as well as local additional costs, which are calculated for the category luxury, premium, standard or budget at the respective Hapimag destination, from the current booking information of Hapimag.

What Types Of Hapimag Shares Exist?

Hapimag registered shares (nominal value 200 CHF) are as old as Hapimag itself. During the years Hapimag issued different types of shares with different terms and conditions to best match customer needs. Hence, today one can find all various types of shares. We are roughly highlighting the various types and mention their peculiarities.

  • Hapimag A-Shares: The A-share is just as old as Hapimag itself and is still the most common share to be found in the market today. Especially shareholders of the first hour and long-standing members own almost exclusively A-shares. Compared to Classic shares that are issued by Hapimag today – A-shares do not give shareholders the opportunity to quit their membership after 7/8 years which can be a disadvantage. On the other hand, A-shares are pretty attractive for the second-hand market. Nowadays, clients that buy shares from the second-hand market can either chose to stick to the old conditions or to get the Classic conditions.
  • Hapimag B-shares: B-shares can only reveal Low Season points and were initially meant to increase the attractiveness of Low Season holiday. B-shares were not issued for a long time (1970-1971 as far as we are concerned) and compared to A-shares and Classic shares they do not get credited with 60 High Season points. The annual fee is lower however compared to Classic and A-shares. The share can still be found and intermediated but the demand for it is small.
  • Hapimag share 21: In order to promote the generation change at Hapimag and to recruit new members, the so called “Ferienaktie 21” was published under new terms of business from about 2007 - 2012. If you own a Holiday Share 21 today and request the documents for private resale, you will most likely receive the current Classic Terms and Conditions, as well as a shareholder requesting private resale documents with his A-share.
  • Hapimag Insider Lifetime: Replaces the “Ferienaktie 21” since around September 2012. Here as well, in our experience, if you want to sell your Insider Lifetime share, Hapimag will send you the current Classic conditions for transcription. As always, all shares are settled in accordance with the current General Provisions of Hapimag AG and its Articles of Association and subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. In the course of the years a large number of shares have found a new owner through Bauer Ferienwohnrechte this way.
  • Hapimag Classic: Classic shares are being issued since 2015. Please request the current Terms and Conditions for this type of share from Hapimag or get in touch with us. These shares have the strong advantage that shareholders can quit the contract after 7/8 years if they no longer want to use Hapimag.
  • finally, there are also registered shares around called “Namenvorzugaktien” with a par value of 100 CHF. Usually these shares don´t have a vote in the General Assembly.

If you buy your shares from Bauer Ferienwohnrechte GmbH you can actually decide if you want to sign the conditions of the Hapimag Classic share or if you want to stick to the old conditions (mostly A-share)

Here you can find Hapimag Resorts


  • ​​​​​​Bad Gastein/ Salzburger country
  • Saalbach / Salzburger country
  • St. Michael / Salzburger country
  • Zell am See/ Salzburger country
  • Bad Kleinkirchen / Carinthia – sold – 
  • Sonnleitn/ Carinthia
  • Salzburg city


  • Marbella / Costa del Sol
  • Mas Nou / Costa Brava
  • Paguera/ Majorca 
  • Puerto de la Cruz/ Tenerife
  • San Augustin / Gran Canaria


  • Cannero / Lago Maggiore
  • Meran / South Tirol
  • Pentolina / Tuscany
  • Tonda / Tuscany
  • Scerne di Pineto / Abruzzi
  • Cefalu / Sicily


  • Damnoni / Crete
  • Porto Heli/ Peleponnesse
  • Athen city


  • Albufeira / Algarve
  • Lisbon city


  • Pankaharju / Southeast Finland

Great Britain

  • Bowness-on-Windermere/ Lake district
  • London city
  • Edinburg


  • Marrakech city

Hapimag city residences

  • Amsterdam
  • London
  • Athen
  • Munich
  • Edinburg
  • Berlin
  • Paris
  • Budapest
  • Prague
  • Vienna


  • Andeer/ Canton of Grisons
  • Flims/ Canton of Grisons
  • Ascona/ Tessin
  • Interlaken/ Bernese Oberland
  • Parkhotel Zug


  • Binz / Rugia
  • Braunlage / Harz
  • Dresden city
  • Berlin city
  • Munich city
  • Hoernum / Sylt
  • Unterkirnach / Black forest
  • Westerland / Sylt / Aalbog / Margarethenhof / Dünenblick
  • Winterberg / Hochsauerland


  • Antibes / French Riviera
  • La Madrague / Provence
  • Chabenet / Loire
  • Houseboat Alsace
  • Houseboat Midi
  • Paris city


  • Bodrum / Turkish Aegean

United States of America

  • Orlando/ Florida

Czech Republic

  • Prague city


  • Budapest city


  • Columbiers/ Canal du Midi / France
  • St. Florentin / Burgundy / France
  • Müritz / Mecklenburg Lake District / Germany


Further Hapimag resorts where residential points can be used are to be found in the latest Hapimag publications and booking information.

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