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Second-hand Hapimag products

The transfer of Hapimag shares / holiday shares can in our opinion be complicated and may be difficult to implement by private individuals, because often shareholders cannot find a successor or buyer for their Hapimag product! We take care of the complete transaction process for you and check all documents of the issuer such as the balance of accounts (decaying points, residential points entitled to transfer, etc.) the Hapimag share type, issuer of the shares (eg Eurokapital, Havag, Hapimag) and other crucial topics. We intermediate Hapimag shares, Hapimag holiday passes as well as residential plans and act as a broker for the secure financial settlement and transfer of Hapimag shares and products from seller to buyer. Meaning that we initiate the transcription process and secure that no problems occur during the process - while the transcription itself is carried out by Hapimag in Switzerland. You can always offer us your Hapimag shares / residential plans back for sale again if you no longer want to go on Hapimag holidays.

It should be noted that Hapimag shares are not yield-oriented financial instruments (financial assets) but long-term timesharing rights and products that are subject to the requirements of the EU Timeshare Directive. For every transfer of a Hapimag share it requires the approval of Hapimag AG and the board of examiners. In addition, Hapimag AG has the right to refuse the transcription of the shares.

Purchase of Hapimag shares, Hapimag holiday plans, Hapimag 21 shares and Hapimag housing plans

All costs associated with the transcription of Hapimag products from seller to buyer are to be paid by the initial owner of the Hapimag product (transcription fee, open amounts, annual fee in the year of the purchase, depreciation amounts). As registered shares are company participations, no VAT is charged and the buyer only pays the purchase price. Secure your Hapimag share(s) today and benefit from the low prices of second-hand Hapimag products! Our aim is to match supply and demand in order to make both parties involved happy when deciding to work with Bauer Ferienwohnrechte!

Buy Hapimag Products

As the successor of Bauer Ferienwohnrechte e.K. we offer you decades of experience in the business segment of ​​buying and selling Hapimag timesharing rights. We know the Hapimag system like the back of our hand and are personally familiarised with the majority of the Hapimag holiday resorts. Our existing product portfolio offers a large selection of Hapimag shares and Hapimag residential rights with different amounts of residential points at various prices. We can also help you to perfectly combine Hapimag shares and products depending on personal holiday preferences and expectations. Our aim is to fully meet with your expectations towards an intermediary of second-hand Hapimag products.

Our philosophy is to give you the best possible advice so that you remain a satisfied customer and make recommendations.

In addition to a secure financial settlement, we undertake further security-relevant examinations. Likewise, we secure that in the first year of the purchase any renewal fees, rewritten fees, processing fees and other costs are paid by the seller of your product(s).

Hapimag products are only provided by us after thorough double-checking. We check the account and the score of the issuer, the nominal value of the Hapimag product to be brokered and its publisher. Only by sending a transcription confirmation of Hapimag AG by the donor to us, he or she receives his/ her money. Furthermore, all documents that are sent to you as well as to the sender, are only send by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. So we always know where the documents currently are and a loss of documents by mail is as good as impossible. Secure your Hapimag shares and reserve Hapimag products from 2nd hand market at reasonable prices, because ... We bring together supply and demand.

Regardless of whether you are an existing member or a new customer, you can acquire Hapimag shares and other Hapimag products through Bauer Ferienwohnrechte GmbH and save a lot of money and time in comparison to a representative visit. Friendly, fast and competent!

Your contact to us: If you would like to contact us for a non-binding buying offer, if you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to call us on the landline number: +49 (0) 89 95449348 or Mobile: +49 (0) 173 80 95 869

Sell your Hapimag share or product

After its founding in 1963, Hapimag AG (originally Hotel- und Apartmenthaus Immobilien AG) can look back on more than 54 years of success. The holiday concept of Hapimag is still proven and in demand despite growing competition and the constant expansion of the tourism sectors. Nonetheless, there is a generational change going on over time and members who have been holding their shares for many decades are often unwilling or unable to travel and to further use the holiday variety of Hapimag. In most of the cases this states back to health or age reasons or the death of a partner.

Likewise, other external factors may cause shareholders to disassociate themselves from their Hapimag registered shares and Hapimag products over time.

There are numerous ways to part with Hapimag shares and products:

Hapimag shares can be inherited or given away as a present to future generations. However, our experience shows that this offering does not always find the desired appeal within the family at the first glance and that the younger generation tends to refer to changing holiday premises that are not compatible with the Hapimag holiday concept. One should bare in mind however, that apartments with ample space and the same high standard are in most cases way more expensive than Hapimag. Moreover, the given opportunity of bringing along pets and to decide for yourself if you are going to a restaurant or to prepare local delicacies in your own kitchen finally adds value to the quality of the holiday.

Share buyback by Hapimag. Please check the overall terms and conditions you have signed when buying your specific share(s). A-share, Hapimag share 21; Insider Liftetime share, Hapimag holiday pass 360, Classic share e.g.

Intermediation of your shares by Hapimag to potential clients

Shutdown of your shares by Hapimag. You don´t have to pay further annual fees but you are not receiving residential points indeed

Change your existing A-shares into Classic shares and quit the contract in 7/8 years time

Request for Hapimag annual change (no longer existing as far as we are concerned) where your share(s) is/ are transferred into a certain amount of Hapimag residential points


Hapimag Marketplace.


If you plan to focus on any of these opportunities to part with your Hapimag products please get in touch with Hapimag AG directly. Toll-free Service Hotline: 00800 30 30 80 80, or +41 (59) 7 33 70 10, Fax +41 (58) 7 33 70 90

Otherwise get in touch with us
and we are intermediating your Hapimag shares
and products worry-free, contemporary
and competently on the secondary market
for Hapimag products.

For what amount of money can I sell my Hapimag shares / product

As Hapimag are not traded at the stock market and the net asset value of a share deviates from the price that is paid among private individuals, finding the right price is not always easy. The price you can expect depends upon certain crucial influencing factors that play an essential role if you want to achieve best resulst:

The market for second-hand Hapimag shares and products

Of course, supply and demand plays a key role here. The greater the demand for stocks and Hapimag products in general, the higher the price you can achieve on the secondary market for your Hapimag products. In our opinion supply and demand are subject to irregular fluctuations and cycles, which are difficult to predict and calculate. For example, the second-hand market can benefit from promotional offers and repurchase prices from Hapimag (please inform Hapimag AG in advance), Hapimag management approaches (such as a new booking system, focus on customers` needs), exchange rate fluctuations, political instability in holiday destinations, the general interest rate policy of the European Central Bank (e.g.: are households and companies rather saving or is being invested?) as well as numerous other internal as well as external factors.


In our personal experience, the demand for second-hand shares declines slightly in the winter months of November and December as many potential buyers still wait until the annual fee (s) for the New Year is paid by the previous owner. The peak of sale is during the summer month as well as right after the beginning of the year, here we were always able to record an increase in demand.

Type of share and issuer

It is of course of great importance which type of product you want to sell. Generally speaking: a holiday plan that is rare might obtain more interest than a B-share. Moreover, are you selling a share with a nominal value of 100 CHF or CHF, a Ferienaktie 21 or an A-share e.g.  Each type of share has its own demand on the secondary market and hence you will be confronted with different prices.


Finally it is also a question of who has been the initial issuer:

  • Hapimag
  • Havag
  • Eurokapital

The amount or resident points that come with the Hapimag share / product

Resident points that come along with a Hapimag product to be brokered that expire within the next few weeks or months are understandably less valuable in cash than those that result from a holiday pass for instance. While a lower demand means a lower price a higher demand results in a higher expected intermediation price. If we have the feeling that we are unable to intermediate certain residential points, we will let you know and recommend you to sell your points via the Hapimag points kiosk.


The current issuing price of shares from the Hapimag AG

Issuing prices of Hapimag shares are not static and deviate from time to time. Especially for the last few years Hapimag decreased the share prices in order to attract new shareholders and members and started to issue Classic shares instead of A-shares. Moreover, there are plenty of promotions given among new members and interested parties. The lower the entrance level to become a Hapimag shareholder, the more pressure on prices will become feasible on second-hand shares and products as well. In order to secure a unique selling proposition for second-hand shares, prices usually decline to the same percentage than the drop in prices at Hapimag. The same assumptions surely work the other way round and would lead to higher prices for second-hand shares.

What else to consider?

Whenever a share or any other Hapimag product is transcribed from seller to buyer, Hapimag is charging a transcription fee in CHF terms (approx. 120 CHF). CHF/EUR can deviate – moreover, if shares were bought earlier than 1998, the seller also has to pay a depreciation fee of 15 CHF per year (example: share bought 1990 = 8 x 15 CHF depreciation; share bought 1999 = no depreciation fee). Please make sure you are aware of these transcription fees if you act as a seller on the secondary market.

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