Important Questions and Responses

Which costs do I have to expect as a purchaser of second-hand Hapimag products

Pretty simple response: Apart from our within the mediation offer stated end-consumer price nothing else (since Hapimag shares are company shares, no VAT is payable).


Transcription fees, depreciation fees as well as the annual fee for the year of the purchase is going to be paid by the seller of Hapimag product / share.

How long does it normally take until my Hapimag products are successfully intermediated by Bauer Ferienwohnrechte GmbH

"Good question, next question" ;-)

As we get this question almost every day, the answer is “it depends”: While customer A has just provided us with the transcription documents and one week later we can already successfully intermediate, customer B however has been waiting for 2 months and we still could not find a successor.


How does it come? Customer A has a Hapimag share with a interesting amount of resident points and very good validity of the points, in addition he is ready to sell his shares for a good price. For such a product, the demand is surely higher. Moreover, the quick intermediation might have worked coupled with a generally good demand in the market. On the other hand, many factors such as price, score and validity are not 100% adapted to the current market conditions and the intermediation takes longer. Our experience also shows that demand is always falling towards the end of the year – while peak sales are in August/ September and at the beginning of the year.


At the moment, we can say that we successfully broker the majority of the shares we have in our portfolio within 2-3 months. However, a mediation period of up to 6 months is foreseen in our placement order. If we cannot intermediate your products within this timeframe, we will of course contact you in advance and discuss the next steps.

How long does the transcription take once the documents reached Hapimag AG?

Once the documents that were signed by both the seller and the buyer reached Hapimag, usually the transcription is then done within 2-4 weeks.

What type of documents are required for an intermediation with Bauer Ferienwohnrechte?

For a intermediation we need the documents for private resale - but not the original share. If this is still physically in your possession, then please send it together with the final documentation that you receive from us after having successfully secured the buyer´s signature and payment. Please send the documents by registered mail to Hapimag. But never mind, during all these steps, we will accompany you anyway. A transcription never failed due to the wrong documents or that a client “got lost” during the intermediation.

What happens after my shares / products were transcribed by Hapimag?

Once you received the letter of transcription from Hapimag, please forward the latter to us either by email or post. We will transfer your money to your bank account within the next few working days.

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