How is Hapimag performing during Covid times?

According to the newspaper article in the htr Hotel Revue of April 30, 2021, Hapimag was able to guarantee financial stability during the Corona crisis and only recorded a drop in sales of 31 percent (from EUR 163 million to EUR 112 million). A solid value compared to other international travel providers. The consolidated annual result was minus EUR 4.7 million. In comparison, the htr Hotel Revue in its report dated November 17, 2021 titled “Hapimag resorts with less profit despite record number of guests” the operating result from 2019 with plus 6.7 million euros, that from 2018 with plus 16.6 million euros. The annual contributions (this covers depreciation and administration costs) from the shareholders played a major role, which again remained constant despite inflation in the euro zone. In 2021, guest satisfaction also rose from 84.3 percent to 85.5 percent. Especially in times of the pandemic, holiday apartments with personal service are in great demand. Hapimag was able to sell 606 shares to new customers in 2020, compared to 581 shares in 2019. Although this is only a small increase in new sales, it is a clear success in times of Corona. 

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