The intermediation of Hapimag shares during covid times / The Hapimag Marketplace

Last year and also at the beginning of 2022, we received and continue to receive questions from many potential sellers of Hapimag shares and potential interested parties as to what effects the Corona crisis would have on the intermediation of Hapimag shares and the secondary market as such. At the beginning of the Corona crisis in 2019, things actually got quieter for 1-2 months, but an intact market quickly formed again. Many sellers useed the time of the contact restrictions to deal with the often postponed topic of "sale" - potential buyers quickly realized that vacation in a holiday apartment would be one of the safest vacation options in the medium term. A balance between supply and demand quickly developed again and intermediation prices were at the same level as before the crisis. A major change came with the introduction of the Hapimag marketplace in 2021. We have adjusted our intermediation prices to the new circumstances and can offer potential sellers higher intermediation prices compared to previous years, now that we can refer to increased prices on the buyer side. The Hapimag marketplace now makes the Hapimag concept more flexible and offers another option for leaving Hapimag or expanding your own stock. In our opinion, this has increased the value of Hapimag shares. However, as of now, the prices are determined by the members themselves and any contracts and payment modalities between buyer and seller must be negotiated themselves. Who pays the annual fee(s), is it paid in advance or afterwards, who pays the transcription fees, who checks whether the documents have been filled out correctly, etc. - Hapimag is outside the area when it comes to these issues and assumes no responsibility or guarantees. Especially when it comes to intermediating shares on behalf of someone, there are some special features that need to be considered. Errors in the completion of transfer documents can lead to long delays and longer transfer times of the share(s) and as such may involve the potential for conflict which could result in litigation. 
Due to our decades of activity on the secondary market as a intermediation partner, we have found that the demand for shares is strongly influenced by foreign prospective buyers and that the supply of shares in Germany is usually higher than the demand. More supply than demand not only puts pressure on the price, it also makes a sale more difficult than on a classic seller's market. In our opinion, the marketplace represents an alternative for potential buyers and sellers, but it also requires personal initiative, the acquisition of a certain level of knowledge, possibly foreign language skills and an increased expenditure of time and risk. Especially for older sellers, an online marketplace with free pricing may be difficult to "understand". As a GmbH, we have access to legally secured, field-tested contracts, check the transcription documents for completeness and correctness and are liable for the financial payment of the intermediation price after your share(s) have been succesfully transcribed by Hapimag. Even after the introduction of the marketplace, our service and the security concept when selling or buying with Bauer Ferienwohnrechte GmbH represents the core benefit and represents the core value of our work. Since the purchase or sale of Hapimag shares is not a daily process for shareholders and future members and often only once is going through, in our opinion it is worth knowing you are on the safe side and leaving the purchase or sale process in safe hands without stress and still benefiting from the increased brokerage prices through the introduction of the marketplace.

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